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view button 3 this button resides just to the lower left of the xbox button around 7 oclock use this button to focus in on an activity in a game or app such as pulling up a map during a roleplaying game or accessing the address bar in internet explorer the functions of this button vary depending on the app or game, rs is the right stick on your controller or if your play first person games a lot like call of duty then its the look around button but you push down on it not look down but push down on it and its the button below the pause button or the start button, xbox button the consoles power button and led indicator accessory pairing button used to connect wireless accessories such as the xbox one wireless controller infrared receiver and blaster used to receive signals from the xbox one remote or to send ir signals to devices to be controlled through oneguide xbox rs button

Destiny Controls PS4 And Xbox One Layout And Guide

the xbox ones controller buttons dont make enough sense stephen totilo 71514 400pm filed to youd best hit the controllers xbox home button to get back to where you started, the sync button on the console is right next to the memory unit b slot on the front of the xbox 360 the sync button a 360 controller is on the top between the two bumper butt ons, ls left stick and rs right stick are the two joy sticks youpush then in and you will hear a click and thats what it is

what is ls and rs on a xbox360 controller the kgb agent answer ls means left stick while rs means right stick they are used to interact with games apps and the xbox 360 interface these did not change with the xbox one controller, xbox button 5this button has multiple functions when the controller or console is turned off hold this button to turn on the console if the console is already on and the controller is off hold this button to turn on the controller, microsoft has explained the names and functionality of those mysterious new buttons on xbox ones controller where start and back appeared on xbox 360 according to a microsoft representative Description: The Pictures of xbox rs button from