Xbox 360 Hdd

xbox 360 hdd

Xbox 360 Slim Hdd Hack From Scratch YouTube

shop for xbox 360 memory and hard drives at best buy find the microsoft xbox 360 hard drive youre looking for, what you need for this instructable is 1 xbox 360 1 external hard drive 1 usb cable 1 power cable if your external hard drive requires it to start off plug your hard drive into your mac usb cable power cords

microsoft xbox 360 video game hard drives installing a hard drive in a video game console allows the console to be used at its full potential the xbox 360 features an online platform and digital distribution model because of the large file sizes involved the hard drive or hdd for short is the most common way to store data on the xbox 360, when xbox 360 was released it had only 4gb hard disk drive hdd and supported external storage that doesnt exceed 32gbby todays standards thats nothing for example the newest aaa games can require for up to 50gb of space and thats not including updates and dlcs, product details expand your xbox 360 experience with downloadable content save your games xbox live gamer profile game demos and custom soundtracks from your own music collection, install this gamestop refurbished 500gb internal hard drive to give yourself more space for those musthave titles it connects directly into the xbox 360 without any additional cables and latches into place to prevent accidentally disconnecting Description: The Images of xbox 360 hdd from