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ive screenshotted and uploaded over 50 screenshots of emma frost in the upcoming tv show wolverine and the xmenspoilers ahead the show debuts in the us january 2009, related posts of wolverine the x men emma frost screencaps onyxx x men character quicksilver marvel comics avengers pietro maximoff the wedding of deadpool and shiklah comicnewbies the wedding of deadpool and shiklah comicnewbies jonathan samuel kent comicnewbies page 2, emma frost is the beautiful and mysterious telepath who showed up on the xmen s doorstep just when they needed her most she once tried to start her own school for gifted mutants the massachusetts academy the ambitious emma is the xmens only hope of finding their missing colleagues wolverine the x men emma frost screencaps

Cyclopss To Me My X Men Moment Astonishing X Men

x2 xmen united massachusetts academy the school run by emma frost appeared on strykers computer xmen first class the high hand during the 1950s emma frost was the mistress of vinny lavecchia a mafia boss based in las vegas nevada aware of her mutant abilities lavecchia used her telepathy in order to advance his career eventually becoming the youngest boss in nevada with a significant influence around the las vegas strip, a bluray featurette of xmen first class depicts tahyna tozzis emma as the younger self of january jones emma frost which coincides with a bluray extra of xmen origins wolverine where the character calls herself emma frost, the stepford cuckoos are five telepaths working for the inner circlethey helped emma frost try to eliminate charles xavier which made jean grey release the phoenixs power and destroy the xmansion biography edit a year later they tried to trick a captured jean into removing the mental barriers herself using illusions of cyclops along with emmas illusion of charles

emma frosts first clash with wolverine started in uncanny xmen 129 during the famous dark phoenix saga 129137 storm colossus and wolverine took kitty to an ice cream parlor while emmas hfc lackeys attacked the parlor emma used her telepathy to make the four mutants unconscious, there was a time when emma frost was coheadmaster at xaviers school for gifted youngsters and romantically involved with the xmens leader cyclops, screencaps of various episodes of the animated series wolverine and the xmen involving jott wallpaper and background photos of jean grey and scott summers wolverine and the xmen for fans of jean grey vs emma frost images Description: The Images of wolverine the x men emma frost screencaps from https://comicnewbies.com/2016/01/12/cyclopss-to-me-my-x-men-moment-astonishing-x-men/