Why Fortnite Should Be Banned

we play fortnite battle royale every day and so do celebrities like drake finn wolfhard chance the rapper and loads more but thats partly why we think it should be banned take a look at the reasons below and then let us know whether you think it should be banned, why fortnight should be banned fortnight is very addictive my brother plays fortnight and he is so aggressive when he is not playing it he also talk about it non stop he spends 3 to 4 hours on it straight yea thats how addictive it is but there is also a positive so it shows team work and strategies, violent fortnite game should be banned according to a behaviour expert who warns children are becoming addicted but mothers say lazy parenting is the problem, this feature is not available right now please try again later why fortnite should be banned

Petition To Get Rid Of Fortnite Reaches Almost 1000

this petition is obviously meant in jest fortnite will in no way be banned and its likely that the majority of petitioners know that, fortnite is an online video game set in a dystopian world where 98 of earths population suddenly disappears living conditions become difficult and zombielike creatures begin to roam the earth

some people think it should but there really is no strong reason at least that i know of that fortnite should be banned it is a fun game and it is free and most people think it copied off of pubg but its pretty fun, kids should be allowed to play fortnite because theyre allowed to play other video games i dont think fortnite should be any different however they should be given limitations they cant be playing 5 hours a day because its not healthy they have other responsibilities and they shouldnt be spending all their free time indoors, fortnite is a fun game epic did a nice job with the game and i hope they do more things in the future thats why it should not be banned it also a chance to meet people online like when ninja meet dr lupo in pubg, the good news is that you are probably not currently banned from fortnite unless you really have been less than pleasant its more likely that you saw this notification in error along with a handful of other players who tried to log in during maintenance hours Description: The Images of why fortnite should be banned from https://gamerant.com/fortnite-ban-petition/