Why Fortnite Is Dying


fortnite is a violent game on its face you are after all in a battle for your life and youre using grenades and rocket launchers to kill your opponents, more from our brands indiewire 2019 oscar nominated liveaction shorts ranked frontrunners confront difficult themes 4 hours ago hollywoodlife kourtney kardashian wows in nyc winter with only , fortnite battle royale is a freetoplay battle royale video game developed and published by epic gamesit was released as an early access game for microsoft windows macos playstation 4 and xbox one in september 2017 and for ios nintendo switch and android in 2018 it is a spinoff from epics fortnite save the world a cooperative survival game with construction elements, stamina system hands down is the worst there is no other gameplay element in fortnite in the same league as the stamina system why in the world would you why fortnite is dying


why are there so many of you fuckin ignorant retards out here hacking im not that great at this game but would never resort to hacking to win, its been over a year since fortnite burst onto the scene and what a time its been weve seen six full seasons the map has continuously updated to be an ever evolving world new modes like

is fortnite the game that has taken over video gaming since the fall addictive and if so do you care since the introduction of its freetoplay battle royale mode fortnite which is made by epic games is a free 100person survival battle where last man alive wins, the popular twitch streamer tyler ninja blevins forces game 3 in a fortnite battle royale tournament with faze clan after winning a match with 23 kills in total, fortnite battle royale is out now and this might be one of the first times youre trying the game out so theres likely a lot to learn about the game one thing youll likely be doing a lot , released on ps4 xbox pc and ios systems with android soon to follow fortnite battle royale is a tough game to ignore free to download filled with fun skins and interesting gameplay fortnite challenges you to survive on a map with 99 other players Description: The Wallpaper of why fortnite is dying from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dTOwf6_07M