Why Dota 2 Is The Best Moba


the title of best moba game is a hotly contested one and often reduced to two warring champions league of legends and dota 2 but despite being the most popular in the genre these two , the most popular moba games in this genre are defense of the ancients 2 dota 2 and league of legends lol each of these games have hundreds of thousands of loyal players defense of the ancients 2 dota 2 is freetoplay pc game released by valve in 2013 this game is the sequel to defense of the ancients 2003 which was a mod for warcraft iii, i am not going over the dota 2 part because i really dislike dota and dota 2 but people get burned out from league because it is quite repetitive except for the community sometimes they compare it because it is such a huge game and is the next big thing while at the moment league is the big thing why dota 2 is the best moba

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why dota now why would you want to play dota well the mod that inspired the entire moba genre was the original defense of the ancients released in 2002 a port of aeon of strife from starcraft

from all the modern mobas dota2 as the oldest successful one which was the initial vanguard for the design of the genre and both the developer and the integrator of the mechanics that would later be simply adjusted in other mobas but remain relatively same at their core dota2 has the most punishing mechanics of them all, i think that it should best left untouched let the community define it however they wish valve did refers dota 2 as arts but eventually using the moba term confusing public general perception is not getting you anywhere in marketing think it like this lol has strong fan base and defines the genre as moba while dota 2 is seen as arts, three lane highway why dota 2 might not be a moba this is anathema to how dota 2 is best learned in the dota 2 community serious novices set off on the az challenge and decry pub players Description: The Images of why dota 2 is the best moba from http://gfycat.com/DarlingUncomfortableFawn