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how to create a room in pubg mobile pubg mobile also has a new arcade mode which speeds up the blue zone and increases the drop rates of assault rifles serving to make the matches more actionpacked and while facebook implementation makes it easy to find your friends setting up a custom room to chat in is a little bit of a nightmare, as for how to create a room in pubg mobile you will need to instead go to the messages tab from there find the global chat room menu from there find the global chat room menu, this page contains details on how to create a room for custom matches on pubg mobile what is pubg mobile room

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with the pubg mobile 070 update pubg corp has added a clan feature which will help you to get room card so that you can setup custom match in pubg mobile for a limited time once your clam reaches at level 2 then you will get the room card, now this fps juggernaut is on mobile in pubg you play as a mercenary who parachutes along with up to 99 other players onto an island once they land players scavenge for weapons ammo armor and other supplies in a lastmanstanding death match, rooms in pubg mobile are used to host custom matches where the player who creates the room can set the map perspective and teamsduos or squads

pubg mobile a community for players of pubg mobile in ios and android to share ask for help and to have fun playerunknowns battlegrounds pubg is a competitive survival shooter players are dropped into a wide open area and they must fight to the death all while the battlefield shrinks adding pressure to all in its grip, pubg mobile comes with the custom room feature which allows the user to do a lot more custom rooms are popular but a lot of players still do not know about it so here we will discuss what is custom room in pubg mobile also how to make custom room in pubg mobile, check out this pubg mobile guide on how to create your own custom room via room card how to obtain room card and how to join custom room and more table of contents what is a custom room Description: The Wallpaper of what is pubg mobile room from https://theleaker.com/pubg-mobile-apk-data/