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void traces are a resource found in void fissures used to refine void relics or create dragon keys void traces are primarily obtained by collecting reactant which occasionally drops from corrupted enemies including those who turn corrupted during the mission provided there is a void fissure, void traces dropped from void fissure enemies are not consistent across players everyone gets different drops the official warframe mobile app can show current void fissures including fissure level and type of missionit can be downloaded here and here for android and ios respectively bugs edit, shoutout void traces and how to farm them selfwarframe submitted 2 years ago by samoth95 doot doot there was a post earlier mentioning about how nekros and co can procure additional void traces from a fissure warframe wiki void traces

Mag Tenno Armory

for warframe on the playstation 4 a gamefaqs message board topic titled void traces, head to foundry and you will be able to craft the umbra warframe equip umbra a clip will play where the umbra will grope your operator search for umbra umbra is fighting enemies around the map go to him when you reach him he will start attacking you you have to use void blast to stun umbra and press 5 to enter his memory using transference, look no further than void traces the best and only way to put the squeeze on random luck skip navigation sign in search how to use and farm traces in warframe prime grind 1080hd

this is not as easy as it looks rng kitty is a bitch so you will only get this buff close to 15 of the time thanks for your support guys music https, once enough reactant is collected 630 void traces are rewarded and the relic if equipped is opened also look under the tips section if 630 is the normal amount and a booster doubles it how does one get 25 show me a number that makes 25 when doubled if you look at the wiki its not a straight up x2, prime part farming with relics void traces fissures and reactants in warframe prime part farming with relics void traces fissures and reactants in warframe Description: The Pics of warframe wiki void traces from https://www.joeleriksson.com/mag-tenno-armory.html