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a specter is an aicontrolled ally unit that will fight alongside a player for the duration of a mission they have their own set of weapons andor abilities that they can use against enemies and are generally summoned via a consumable gear item warframe specters can act as allies or enemies, usage edit specters can be crafted in the foundry under gear section and once crafting is finished they must be equipped from gear in arsenal before a specter building begins a specter loadout screen appears where a player must first set the warframe and loadout that the specter will use, you get spectre blueprints from rescue missions depending on how good you do it determines what type of spectre you get then craft it in your foundry it will ask you to select its load out easiest way is to have the warframe and weapons equipped when you go to the foundry and then copy that to the spectre warframe wiki specter

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i dont think specters charge up weapons fully they just prematurely fire them so the opticor might be useless i could be wrong i dont use them too much so i wouldnt know but the wiki suggest they always maxcharge bows, we take a closer look at the clem specter offered by his quest and daily quests from darvo from the relays sporting the twin grakatas and sticking close to the player he acts as a decent , warframeスペクター warframeスペクターは用途に応じて味方または敵として機能する 装備としてのwarframeスペクターはミッション中に呼び出して戦わせる事ができるカスタマイズ可能なai制御のテンノとなっている また敵としてのスペクターはdark sectorの抗争時にクランがsolar railに

question warframe craft a warframe specter selfwarframe submitted 2 years ago by goddaniel how do mission warframe craft of warframe specter will as you did, build best specter loadout selfwarframe submitted 10 months ago by theweirdslimshady de fix grineer mask pls since a few weeks have past since de tweaked the specter ai i wondered if anyone has come up with a good loadout yet i tried a rhino specter hoping he would stomp frequently but mine always just charges through the room , currently my vapor specter loadout consists of mirage synoid simulor sonicor and silva aegis i pretty much nailed the primary and secondary weapons its the warframe and melee weapon that im not absolutely sure about Description: The Wallpaper of warframe wiki specter from http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Specter