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if the mission is completed after cracking the void relic followed by a successful extraction each of the players equipped relics will display one of the potential rewards from their relics rewards table with each players reward being independent of their teammates rewards depending on their equipped relic and drop chance, relic name drop locations lith b6 fang prime blueprint lex prime barrel limbo prime systems blueprint orthos prime blueprint redeemer prime blueprint ballistica prime blueprint type category fandom games movies tv video wikis warframe wiki is a fandom games community, resource chroma prime relic drop table selfwarframe submitted 3 months ago by pharfarlars hey tennos also remember when looking at the drop tables for bounties in that you need to look at both at least chance and average chance per mission warframe wiki relic drop table

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this section will be updated when the relics are added to the drop table a new prime access has dropped and the demand is high read how i made 20k platinum in warframe you can use my relic farming guide located here to efficiently farm the newly dropped relics with ease some images and information obtained from warframewiki , warframe drop table we need patrons our adsense account has been disabled due to a lack of payouts within the last 15 months and at the end of the year hubframe will close, warframe zephyr prime has just made its arrival in the drop table and can be farmed ingame with the arrival of zephyr p vauban prime and the pack have gone into the vault and cannot be farmed anymore neo relic farming infested salvage and void survival both have high chances of dropping neo relics zephyr prime parts crafting cost

ive been using httpswarframefandomcomwikivoidrelicbyrewards it definitely has new access drops but ive noticed lately some of the vaulted drops havent , warframe void relic prime drop table as of warframe update specters of the rail there is a new way of obtaining prime items here are all the void relics and their item drops along with the odds of it dropping without any refinement from my odd rating of common uncommon and rare, tool i made a condensed chart of all void relic drop tables selfwarframe submitted 2 years ago by sorenkair ive always found it incredibly frustrating and difficult to figure out where to farm the parts that i need without first going to the wiki page and pressing ctrlf over and over Description: The Pics of warframe wiki relic drop table from https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Drop_Table