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warframe all discussions even though murkrays liver is one of the more common crafting materials this is just bullcrap last edited by tiny tina nov 4 2017 419am showing 115 of 22 comments zefar nov 4 2017 422am ive caught it plenty of times so its at the ocean and when the water has some extra effect on it still a , murkray bait murkray sea norg bait norg lake glappid bait glappid sea peppered bait anything else at anywhere bait lasts 30 seconds and must be through in wavy water gif by how4much wfrsb the definitive guide to fishing in warframe close chart credits the information you see on this page was made possible by ucranem258 , had issues finding this fish in warframe thought i would do a fast vid showing where it is and what bait i used catch rate is not 100 per bait but i have had multiple from the same bait Description: The Pictures of warframe wiki murkray from http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Murkray_Liver