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warframe warframe ash atlas banshee baruuk chroma ember equinox excalibur frost gara garuda harrow hydroid inaros ivara khora limbo loki mag mesa mirage nekros nezha nidus nova nyx oberon octavia revenant rhino saryn titania trinity valkyr vauban volt wukong zephyr , kulstar buff mastery rank increased from 4 to 5 changed contact damage from explosion to impact added guarante checking out kulstar after getting buffed

you can help warframe wiki by expanding it this article is a stub you can help warframe wiki by expanding it weapons are used by warframes archwings sentinels and enemies to cause damage contents angstrum kulstar stug dual secondaries auto afuris , the kulstar is a grineerbuilt torpedocluster bomb launcher that debuted in update 17 once its torpedo comes in contact with an enemy or a surface it detonates and fragments into 3 smaller , then you have kulstar that is a bit more accurate and uses less ammo indeed what i also hate dislike about angstrum is the winding time if you want more damage and the fact that it sometimes goes thruogh the map and renders inefective upon explosion which happens somewhere in outer space, hello warframebuilder user this menu feels empty right this is because you are not registered registered users get access to more options like the saveedition and sharing of their builds a bookmark and a like button kulstar do you want to reset the current build and lose all the modifications grineer corpus infested tenno Description: The Wallpaper of warframe wiki kulstar from http://de.warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Kulstar