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mag nova prime vault the magnova prime vault was made available on november 13 2018 to january 29 2019 while this unvaulting was active the following relics were added to the drop tables lith m2 meso b3 neo n9 axi a5 and axi s4, warframe mastery rank 6 test target tracking test this test requires players to track targets quickly and accurately the player starts the test standing on a brightly lit circular platform in a dark room encircled with metallic spheres, warframe at ign walkthroughs items maps video tips and strategies warframe wiki boar


kogake prime are the prime variant of the kogake compared to its normal counterpart the kogake prime has much higher damage and one of the highest status chance of all melee weapons at some expense to critical chance and multiplier this weapon deals primarily x18px impact damage, レリック名の見方 era typeレアリティで表記 vaultに入ったため入手できないレリックは名前の部分まで 背景色を灰色 で表示 例1meso b1reraはmesoでtypeはb1のレア枠

the reaper prime is a melee scythe weapon which can be obtained by completing orokin void missions the reaper prime blueprint can be found as a reward from a orokin void mission, the dex sybaris is the dex variant of sybaris burstfire rifle sporting higher critical chance fire rate magazine size and faster reload but with a slight reduction to damage it was added in celebration of warframes 3 anniversary the weapon was released in commemoration of warframes 3, the dual zoren is a pair of short stylized axes wielded in each hand it looks like a scindo without one of the blades shorter and in both hands the dual zoren can be purchased for fileplatinumiconpng 175 and the blueprint for filecreditsiconpng 15000 mastery rank 2 needed to Description: The Pics of warframe wiki boar from http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/File:BOAR_PRIME_BUILD.png