Warframe Vs Destiny Reddit

warframe vs destiny reddit

Destiny Player Digs Up Hidden House Of Wolves DLC Details

misc with info on anthem beginning to come out i beg you please dont make another warframe vs destiny situation the games are similar in both aesthetics and gameplay but that doesnt mean you cant enjoylike one or the other selfdestinythegame , in honor of april fools day the warframe subreddit pokes fun at the comparisons to destiny by changing the forums theme to mimic that of bungies actionrpgs page on the site, when a free to play game does things better than a game backed by a 500 million dollar budget it kinda makes you wonder warframe vs destiny 35 reasons why warframe is better than destiny

i posted this on the warframe subreddit and i wanted to see the responses from the destiny subreddit this is copy and pasted i get kinda pissed, r2 every prime frame vs this raid fireteam dawnblade stormcaller sentinel sunbreaker arcstrider nightstalker r3 one of every warframe including prime base version vs one of every destiny subclass including the old destiny 1 subclasses bladedancer sunsinger defender guardian team can revive each other for this round, warframe is a complex game that rewards you for learning the systems and being skilled rather than dropping random loot at the end of a strike sorry i hate destinys weapon and gear rolling system Description: The Pictures of warframe vs destiny reddit from http://www.polygon.com/2015/2/3/7973937/destiny-house-of-wolves-dlc-leak-bungie