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discussion account migration to switch selfwarframe submitted 6 months ago by eternym with the announcement of warframe on the switch i was very excited to finally be going to be able to play warframe wherever i am, hey guys i need help with the switch migration can anyone create a switch account for me i need to migrate before the 15 and i wont be getting a switch till late march and i really dont want to lose all my progress warframe switch migration reddit

Warframe Switch Fact Sheet Launch And Post Launch

account migration means if you already have a warframe account on pc for a limited time you can copy over your progress and continue playing it on switch but its a onetime and oneway thing you cant transfer any additional progress you do on switch back to pc for example, super excited about the warframe switch version really looking forward to playing on the go and to draw friends and family into the game that have switches and no pcs at what stage do you have to have the nintendo warframe account at before the migration ie can you transfer the account before getting all the basic tutorials completed

account migration is not available from ps4 or xbox to nintendo switch or pc to migrate your pc warframe account to nintendo switch youll need an existing warframe account on nintendo switch when you perform account migration from pc to nintendo switch a copy of your pc account will be created and transferred to your nintendo switch account, discussion with the upcoming pc switch account migration and platinum not transferring what are the best thingsarmorcosmetics to buy before the migration selfwarframe submitted 1 month ago by that90sguy Description: The Pics of warframe switch migration reddit from https://nintendoeverything.com/warframe-switch-fact-sheet-launch-and-post-launch-content-voice-chat-pc-account-migration-more