Warframe Kohm


the kohm is a grineer shotgun with a unique heldtrigger function while holding the firing button the kohm will add an additional pellet to the following shot until it reaches a maximum of twelve pellets per shot all while increasing its rate of fire, it does a lot of damage though and has a cool unique mechanic fire rate and even more multishot are two good stats to get and punch through also just because it kills even more stuff beyond what youre shooting at further status chance reload even ammo capacity can help the kohm be a blender on a stick, this is a subcategory of the categoryuser builds for the kohm weapon please refer to categoryuser builds for instructions on creating a page for a build, about warframe warframe is a freetoplay cooperative thirdperson shooter video game developed by digital extremes for microsoft windows playstation 4 and xbox one warframe kohm

Warframe Kohm Riven 100K Kuva Rollover YouTube

the strongest build for kohm is the 100 status chance build but that requires 4 6060 elemental mods plus nanoapplicator or a riven with at least 60 status chance at 100 hours you probably dont have those no offense, the kohm is even worse to refill its magazine once it takes 245 ammo packs this means that once the kohm runs out of ammo refilling it is implausible and that is what makes this weapon mastery fodder it carries only enough reserve ammo for about four reloads and those four reloads are realistically all you get in that mission

hello warframebuilder user this menu feels empty right this is because you are not registered kohm do you want to reset the current build and lose all the modifications grineer corpus infested tenno damage type cloned flesh digital extreme ltd warframe and the logo warframe are registered trademarks all rights are , the kohm is an early weapon and not the best out there there are a lot of better shotguns but those do have higher mod and forma demands there are a lot of better shotguns but those do have higher mod and forma demands, banshee resonance augment kohm hell of a lot of fun my clan leader is now building his kohm up because i was having so much fun with it shotgun mutation mod is a must have without it youll run out of ammo in no time, content must be directly related to warframe title alone isnt good enough take issues with your account to the official warframe support desk when posting links to the official forums make a text post including a summary and link i absolutely love the kohm its a fantastic little gun Description: The Pics of warframe kohm from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJUH-TOWStA