Warframe Fishing How To Use Bait

warframe fishing how to use bait

How And Where To Fish In Warframe Warframe Plains Of

time to put it to use enter the plains and find a nice body of water youll want something deep enough that your warframe would suffocate and hopefully far away enough from grineer that they dont invade your tranquil fish fun go into your gear wheel and equip your fishing spear

now lets fish to catch some fish switch to your spear by clicking it on your gear wheel keep in mind that when you do so your gear wheel will switch to the fishing wheel that contains your bait and dye if you have them probably not now so the only way to unequip the spear is pressing f to pay respects to switch to your weapons, warframe fishing guide once you have the fish aimed use your left mouse button to release the spear and throw it into the fish if you hit the fish you will get a short cut scene with your warframe holding up the fish you just caught it will also include some of the statistics such as the size of the fish s m l the weights of the fish and the species, spear efficiency is determined by the type of fish you are catching in order to have maximum fishing efficiency you must equip all spears to catch all the different kinds of fish you might see twilight bait karkina and sharrac sea cuthol bait cuthol pond murkray bait murkray sea norg bait norg lake Description: The Pictures of warframe fishing how to use bait from https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/644225921668893423/