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using the usb ports on your xbox one console supported accessories go to xbox one accessories for info on the latest accessories external storage if you have a usb 30 external storage with a capacity of 256 gb or greater kinect ports if youre using an original xbox one theres a unique , get to know your xbox one s console usb 30 port used to connect wired accessories such as the xbox one play charge kit eject button used to eject a disc from the console discs will insert automatically xbox button the consoles power button and led indicator accessory pairing button , one it adds 4 extra usb ports to your xbox one you can have the microsoft xbox wireless adapter for windows 10 oct 27 2015 esrb rating rating pending by microsoft windows 10 2499 click for product details prime save 026 with coupon free shipping on eligible orders more buying choices, usb hub 30 vertical data hub with long cord 4 port black white charger splitter usb extension cable extra usb ports for devices such as xbox one ps4 mac pc laptop desktop by kokovolta 1999 19 99 prime usb ports on xbox one

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keep it civil and on topic posts must be directly related to xbox one link directly to the source tech usb ports not working self so i know at least one of my usb ports is working i tried then unhooking my external harddrive but no luck i have so far just left it as is because i dont want to break the tv tuner from working , hello frank an xbox one x can holdread up to three usb 30 ports and you can hold up to any amount your external hd has

xbox one message board the xbox one has three usb 30 if thats what your asking two on the back one on the left side load time is literally a few seconds most hds are 55400rpm richard is also known as dick they should have just allowed you to replace the internal drive there is two usb 30 slots in the back and one on the left, there is a western digital 4gb the one on the xbox one x before all this happened a 500gb seagate drive lying about and a 1tb toshiba that was on my ps4 theres an option somewhere in there maybe power saving options i forget that has to do with keeping storage on while the console is turned off, the xbox one console has three usb 30 ports there are two usb ports on the rear of the console and one on the left side for easy access these ports are primarily used to connect xbox one usb wired accessories to the console note usb storage is not supported at this time note only accessories that are designed for xbox one are supported, i won an xbox one x from mountain dew last year yay me well my setup on og xbox one was two usb hubs daisy chained from one xbox one usb back port charging xbox one ps4 and ps3 controllers when moving my setup to the xbox one x the usb ports will charge the sony controllers for a time but eventually stop until the xbox one x is hard reset Description: The Images of usb ports on xbox one from