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universal plug and play upnp is what your xbox uses to set up your router for multiplayer gaming and chat if you see upnp not successful in your consoles network settings first check to see if your router needs an update, i have the following and am trying to make sure i can get the best setup for my xbox one model unifigateway3 version 43114852825 i tired setting up port forwarding to the xbox but it the xbox reports a cone nat and reduced bandwidth is there something i need to do to make sure upnp is , the xbox one doesnt do this unless a full reboot of the console occurs as a result users with a secure upnp setup and the xbox one on the instant on setting will have a moderate or closed nat impeding their ability to connect to other players and services there are a few ways to handle this issue upnp xbox one

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for the past week my xbox one has been doing this i looked at my routers settings and i cant find upnp yes i did go to the website that it told me to and i did what it said but it didnt work, if i disable upnp the xbox will not connect at all even though i have port 3074 forwarded upnp must be enabled for the xbox to connect as it keeps creating a upnp connection for 3074 does this explain it better regards wazza

re upnp not successful xbox one connection issues i have a router between a nvg589 in passthrough mode with not portforwarding rules on the nvg589 and the requisite port forwarding rules on the router itself pointing to a mac constrained static ip for the xbox, my power went out and after rebooting my routers a modem i had a strict nat all of a sudden i fixed it by changing the port selection within the xbox one s i have but it says upnp not successful now, upnp or universal plug and play is a set of networking protocols that permit networked devices such as the xbox one to seamlessly discover each others presence on the network and establish functional network services Description: The Images of upnp xbox one from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bubblesoft.android.bubbleupnp