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the ruins of alph appeared in fossil fools where ash and his friends visited them meeting professor oak upon their arrival unlike the games no unown were featured there instead it was a site where multiple fossils had been dug out one of the scientists working at the site was foster one of professor oaks former top students at the celadon university unown a neo discovery 14 bulbapedia the community

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this is a list of pokémon trading card game sets which is a collectible card game first released in japan in 1996 as of september 2017 there were 74 card sets released in america and 68 in japan collectively there are 6959 cards in the japanese sets and 9110 cards in the english sets

diamond pearl mysterious treasures japanese 湖の秘密 secret of the lakes is the name given to the second expansion of cards of the diamond pearl era of the trading card game information mysterious treasures is based on the sinnoh legendary trio uxie mesprit and azelf hence the japanese name the lakes secret as these pokémon reside at the bottom of sinnohs lakes Description: The Images of unown a neo discovery 14 bulbapedia the community from