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the pajama game 1957 approved 1h 41min comedy drama musical 10 december 1957 portugal an iowa pajama factory worker falls in love with an affable superintendent who had been hired by the factorys boss to help oppose the workers demand for a pay rise, the pajama game the pajama game is a musical based on the 1953 novel 7½ cents by richard bissell the book is by george abbott and richard bissell the music and lyrics are by richard adler and jerry ross the story deals with labor troubles in a pajama factory where workers demands for a sevenandahalf cent raise are going unheeded, the pajama game was awarded the 1955 tony for best musical and over half of a century later claimed the award for best revival of a musical proving that the story is truly timeless with an energetic score by richard adler and jerry ross damn yankees the pajama game is brimming with songs and dances that have become musical theatre, the broadway musical pajama game was based on seven and a half cents a comic novel about labor relations written by richard bissell the pajama game

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the pajama game opening hines the pajama game is the game im in racing with the clock girls hurry up song a new town is a blue town sid a new town is a blue town racing with the clock reprise, the pajama game is a meticulous rendering of the broadway smash hit of the mid1950s codirected by stanley donen and george abbott it assembles most of the original broadway cast adds doris day in a sizzling performance and the result is just about as good as it can get

the pajama game film the pajama game is a 1957 musical film based on the stage musical of the same name the principal cast of the broadway musical repeated their roles for the movie with the exception of janis paige whose role is played by doris day and stanley prager whose role is played by jack straw , the pajama game was a smash hit when it came out in the early 50s and was a brilliant example of the golden age of the broadway musical the america of the 50s recedes from us very rapidly now the popular culture the music the language and mannerisms the food the technology are disappearing fast from memory, synopsis first staged in 1954 the pajama game won three tony awards including best musical and won another tony for best revival in 2006 a testament to the fact that love music and politics are as hot as they ever were the pajama game features hit songs including hey there hernandos hideaway and steam heat which have also become pop, if you like the pajama game you might also like broadway musical home broadway tickets merchandise music videos and all the news reviews and information you want about broadway musicals people theatres awards and production rights at your home for all things broadway Description: The Pictures of the pajama game from