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at e3 2018 nintendo announced that the latest version of smash bros would be called super smash bros ultimatethey werent kidding about the title either every single character that has ever , super smash bros ultimate dlc roster reportedly leaked share a wide variety of alleged fighters by colin stevens two of the 10 images fullscreen image esc 01 of 73 01 of 73 , super smash bros ultimate is set to release on switch this december but it seems the growing roster is getting bigger if this latest leak is to be believed an unnamed person who claims to have , super smash bros ultimate for nintendo switch fansite from the creators of smash bros miiverse check all the updates of new characters movesets stages music items assist trophies pokémon collection of images and all the entries from the official super smash blog here and in our android app in google play super smash bros ultimate roster pics

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super smash bros ultimate 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ special great fray smash brothers special is a fighting game for the nintendo switch finally in the november direct incineroar from pokémon sun moon was announced as the titles last base roster newcomer, learn more about super smash bros ultimate for nintendo switch on the official site from nintendo learn more about super smash bros ultimate for nintendo switch on the official site from nintendo select your language americas english us français canada español latinoamérica europe

super smash bros ultimate for the nintendo switch is bringing back every character in franchise history giving it a massive roster of fighters for players to choose from this of course includes the dlc characters from the last installment and forgotten characters from 17 years ago, many smash bros fans are therefore certain that this is the real deal super smash bros ultimate will be releasing on december 7th so it wont be long before nintendo officially announces the full roster of super smash bros ultimate but until then take this leak with a grain of salt, the full roster for super smash bros ultimate supposedly just leaked so lets examine the evidence and try to determine whether or not it could be legit after uploading these images and the , like all previous super smash bros games super smash bros ultimate has a varied character roster with characters from all parts of nintendos history these characters include every single character ever playable in a super smash bros title and many new ones with more dlc to be added over the games life Description: The Pics of super smash bros ultimate roster pics from