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super smash bros ultimate leaks can come from all sort of places from the sketchy depths of 4chan to somewhat less sketchy reddit discussions but the latest revelation comes from a pretty , however now a new big nintendo switch game is on the horizon super smash bros ultimate since its e3 reveal we learned so much more about the upcoming hotly anticipated mascot fighting game , ever since nintendo announced super smash bros ultimate the smash community has been ripe with rumors and speculation over whether more characters could be coming the roster with one month , a page for describing ymmv super smash bros all unlockable characters will not be spoilertagged nor will characters that did not make it into a specific super smash bros ultimate characters reddit

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one of the most notable leaks in super smash bros history took place shortly before the japanese release of super smash bros for nintendo 3dsthis leak managed to reveal the entire roster of characters including jigglypuff ness ganondorf dr mario falco mr game watch wario rob bowser jr duck hunt dark pit and shulk none of whom were announced at the time, can you name the super smash bros character from their special moves, update the video below has now been revealed by the creator to be a very elaborate hoax made using editing software thats another smash bros rumour down for now original story it seems like , characters much like super smash bros brawl ssb4 has a reasonable amount of unused character data the reasons mainly include a combination of time constraints and hardware limitations this is supported by masahiro sakurai stating this during a postrelease interviewhowever he refused to give any sort of information on what other scrapped characters were other than stating that Description: The Wallpaper of super smash bros ultimate characters reddit from