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in super smash bros brawl krystals trophy in brawl krystal was considered as a potential playable character during development but was passed over in favor of wolf both because of time constraints and because wolfs movement and animations would be more similar to foxs and would require less development, krystal returns in the smash taunts from lylat cruise in super smash bros for wii u trophy description as befitting her name krystal was once imprisoned in a giant crystal after rescuing her fox welcomed her into the team where her telepathic abilities proved invaluable she and fox also became romantically involved, super smash bros brawl voice acting krystals cameo clips these are all of krystals audio cameo apperances in super smash bros brawl panthers poem to krystal panther talks directly to krystal in one of the cameo appearances pat cashmans krystal announcement gamefaqs user slashx234 super smash bros brawl krystal

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krystal has her own trophy in super smash bros brawl like a lot of other secondary nintendo characters super smash bros brawl video download http , super smash bros brawl often abbreviated to ssbb or brawl is the third installment of the super smash bros series it was due for release december 3 2007 on the nintendo wii in north america it was due for release december 3 2007 on the nintendo wii in north america, in super smash bros 4 fox was slightly nerfed from brawl to smash 4 with weakened finishers increased lag on his aerials and the removal of autocanceling with his blaster yet to compensate his recovery options were improved with fox illusion no longer leaving him helpless and fire fox gaining more distance

therandomizer brawl mod therandomizer has created a mod for super smash bros brawl that replaces princess peach with krystal from star fox adventures the mod is well made and even replaces princess peachs golf club with krystals staff, super smash bros universe krystal クリスタル kurisutaru is a vixen and the most recentlyrecruited member of the star fox team she serves as fox mcclouds main love interest although panther seems to be infatuated with her and made her first appearance in the series in star fox adventures, posted byferry groenendijk krystal was one of the rumored secret super smash bros brawl characters who didnt make it into the game in playable form but in the following star fox and star wolf secret audio transmissions youll be able to see and hear her smack talk the rest of the star fox crew and star wolf enemies Description: The Wallpaper of super smash bros brawl krystal from