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the mario franchise is a media franchise consisting of video games published and produced by the japanese company nintendo the title character is a fictional italian plumber who serves as the hero of a realm called the mushroom kingdom the franchise was created by game designer shigeru miyamoto and its first installment was the arcade game donkey kong released on july 9 1981, super mario bros 2 known as super mario usa in japan is outside japan the second game in the super mario series it is a 2d platforming game originally released for the nintendo entertainment systemin the years that followed it has been ported to many other systems including a release on the virtual console for the wii nintendo 3ds and wii u , super mario 64 shorts bobomache more often simply called bobomache and sometimes misspelled as bobombache it is the 138th video made by supermarioglitchy4in this short blooper mario accidentally eats a bomb and then decides to make the rest of his time worth it, hall 9000 is the thirtyeighth blooper created by smg4in this video mario installs a security system to prevent robbers from stealing things in peachs castle but the security revolts against mario and smg4 locking them out of the castle super mario compilation i love super mario games

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super mario football league mario and friends nfl adventure in europe will be the first game in the mario football league series it will be released sometime in 2010 and will be released for the wii, birdo known in japanese as catherine キャサリン kyasarin kʲasaɾiɴ is a fictional character in the mario franchiseher first appearance was as an enemy in yume kōjō doki doki panic which was localized for englishlanguage audiences as super mario bros 2since then birdo has been a recurring character in various franchise spinoffs

yoshi from super mario world for snes silentshadowxp compiled custom sprites 1337starhelp with portrait sonikku ripped sprites aj nitro ripped sprites nintendo original design edit nsmbmario mario in 8bit new super mario bros style darkbowser100 compiling, super mario est une série de jeux vidéo de platesformes créée par nintendo et mettant en scène sa mascotte mario ainsi que dans beaucoup de jeux son frère luigiil sagit de la première série de la franchise mario au moins un jeu super mario est sorti sur chaque console majeure de nintendo depuis le premier épisode super mario bros sorti en 1985 sur nintendo entertainment system, new super mario bros 2 is a game for the nintendo 3dsthough it is considered the second new super mario bros game it is actually the third new super mario bros wii preceding from it as the second it is the thirteenth game in the super mario series and the eighth in the super mario bros series, super mario maker has a wide range of amiibo support this is a list of all current known amiibo costumes Description: The Pics of super mario compilation i love super mario games from