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ultimately our goal is to launch starbound in game preview and finetune the game for the best possible console experience once we reach starbound 10 well start working our way towards porting the game to additional consoles, starbound runs on xbox one but it needs a ui overhaul for console in order for us to feel comfortable releasing it on game preview so thats whats taking so long sorry for the wait, starbounds story within a sandbox is coming soon to xbox one by jay baylis artist and designer chucklefish posted on april 13 2018 april 13 2018 at 100 pm for those of you unfamiliar with starbound its an openended sandbox game with a strong focus on building and crafting like minecraft and terraria starbound xbox

Starbound Game Giant Bomb

an update from the starbound dev team confirmed that the xbox one version of the spacefaring game is still on the waydeveloped by chucklefish the independent developers behind stardew valley , starbound should be coming to xbox one game preview program soon according to what their post said on april 7th 2016 weve also got some some exciting news to share regarding starbound on xbox one

xbox version was last patched in 2009 pc version gets a new update and patches very very frequently pc version supports user made maps while on xbox only official maps are playable the max amount of players is doubled on pc, starboundgame will starbound come to the xbox one or just stay on the pc its cool and exciting ether way, for all those wondering about this probably neglected thread starbound is indeed coming for playstation 4 xbox one microsoft windows linux playstation 3 playstation vita and mac os soz for tone change copy and paste so do not fear it is releasing on pretty much everything even ps3 xbox 360 and vita which is suprising dont believe me just google starbound on the right there Description: The Wallpaper of starbound xbox from