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possible opponents default skin fortnite history the robloxian has no real history or backstory to speak of all we know is that its a humanoid creature that can build fight well do anything it desires, pages in category fortnite battle royale outfits the following 200 pages are in this category out of 288 total previous 200 sledgehammer skin fortnite wiki

Battle Pass Season 5

which is why they shouldnt release a game every year you barely get a chance to enjoy it before the next one is out plus they have to keep changing things with each release because people complain that its the same as the previous year and thats how you end up with bunnys hula hooping in a war zone, in police oriented shows procedurals and action shows alike this trope is largely a villain trait the twogun fighter is usually a destructive psycho with no regard for collateral damage particularly two uzi guy police characters generally use a proper technique and fire one handgun with both hands

i would like to see a fist or a punch added as the default melee lol the main atk is a hooked punch the alt is an uppercut range 2 headshot mult 12, starting out we should add an aa12 rank 140 30 damage per pellet dropping off to 23 8 round magazine with a 20 round drum attachment full auto at 500 rof 60 round reserve does not increase with drum accuracy of 40 hip accuracy of 51 sight accuracy of 100 and a big fat reload time of 325 seconds Description: The Pictures of sledgehammer skin fortnite wiki from