Seagate External Hard Drive Xbox One Not Working


this article covers basic setup and troubleshooting for the game drive for xbox one seagate direct suppliers products software downloads warranty replacements external hard drive detection issues , for an external storage drive to save games and apps from xbox one it must meet the following requirements it uses a usb 30 connection if youre using a usb hub the hub must also be usb 30 or later, for xbox one on the xbox one a gamefaqs message board topic titled my external hard drive doesnt seem to be working help, trouble with seagate xbox one 2tb game drive ive had this happen to me on my external hard drive from my experience everything on your hard drive is lost then plug it back into your xbox and let the xbox format it again it seems to be an issue not with the hard drive but with the xboxs ability to recognize the hard drive is seagate external hard drive xbox one not working

Is The Xbox Branded Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive Worth

solved my seagate 1tb hard drive for xbox one keep beeping every three seconds and is not recognisable as a storage on my xbox solved how to format a wd external hard drive for xbox 360 elite , my external hard drive my passport x seems to have stopped working it lights up and i can feel it spinning but the xbox wont recognizing it when i go to my games it shows the hd as 96 full and when i check storage management it only lists the internal drive

xbox one console wont detect sea gate external hard drive skip to main content microsoft xbox 1 wont detect my seagate 2tb external hard drive it is strange that the hard drive would not work with xbox reply did this solve your problem yes no sorry this didnt help great thanks for marking this as the answer , xbox one supports up to 16tb currently so its not the size it also supports up to 2 external hard drives as long as theyre usb 30 and 256gb in size or more, my xbox one would not recognize my external hard drive this is the method that worked for me hope it works for you the cod show podcast, game drive for xbox support quick start guide installation troubleshooting tips downloads game drive for xbox one setup and troubleshooting xbox 360 setup and troubleshooting seagate game drive for xbox ssd stft512400 1year limited warranty usb 30 512gb 5120 1135mm 76mm 96mm game drive for xbox gears of war 2tb Description: The Wallpaper of seagate external hard drive xbox one not working from