Pudge Dota 1


if an enemy dies to pudge while more than 1600 range away from pudge or dies while pudge is already dead no stack is gained cannot gain stacks from killing illusions or hero clones when pudge kills a meepo clone however he does gain a stack since killing a meepo clone also kills the main meepo, rot is also a very potent ability even from the start of the game as it can slow an enemy to a crawl and be used indefinitely as long as pudge keeps pace with the enemy making pudge a strong roamer, if you want to speed up process of making my own dota platform new server for playing dota you are more than welcome to donate donate here httpsgooglnhkajw buy cheap games here https pudge dota 1

DotA Pudge 100 Live Blind Hooks Come To Papa YouTube

guia butcher pudge dota 1 dota allstar warcraft español tutorial como jugar como armar como se arma que items comprarle que comprar que se le saca que sacarle sus contrapicks item build historia combos y como derrotar a este heroe, view statistics top players and guides for pudge on dotabuff, find constantly updated pudge guides from the top performances of the week each guide includes item builds ability builds timings and more get plus get featured hero guides are based on truesight data from matches with a verified player or plus subscriber

tiny and pudge can make quite a deadly duo with tiny able to use toss to engage by tossing pudge onto an enemy or toss a enemy onto pudge so pudge can get a dismember off to keep them stunned long enough for the rest of the team or just tiny to help secure the kill, this article is a disambiguation page for pudge the following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed, launches a bloody hook at the target location the hook will snag the first unit it encounters dragging the unit back to pudge deals damage and interrupts channeling if it is an enemy Description: The Pictures of pudge dota 1 from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TndC-y6VsWQ