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however the answer to the same question of is pubg cross platform but for console and pc is not as clearcut unfortunately xbox one and pc players play completely separately from one another, official is pubg going to be crossplatform with pc and xbox no not at launch poopiequeen so we could see crossplatform later down the road submitted 1 year ago by samadams9292, will players be able to play crossplatform unfortunately this wont be supported yet however pubg on pc xbox mobile and ps4 have characteristics of their own pubg xbox and ps4 cross platform

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will pubg support crossplay on pc and xbox one find out if pubg supports crossplay between the xbox one and pc versions of the game published 1 year 1 month ago about playerunknowns battlegrounds questions of whether microsoft will support crossplatform play have begun to roll in now we know that brendan greene has stated multiple , yesterday microsoft announced plans to open up xbox one for ps4 crossplatform play and publicly invited many other companies and developers to consider connecting its networks with xbox live as

yes they do in fact you will immediately notice when a pubg corp or xbox staff replies to a thread the threads flair will change to xbox response or pubg corp response examples here here if the rumors are true can we please get cross platform with ps4 for a bigger player count, pubg ps4 should stay away from crossplatform play with frame rate drops still rampant on pubg xbox the difference in playability between consoles and pc is vast on consoles players are lucky to hit 30 frames per second at the best of times and frequently dip below crossplatform play for pubg would be a major step forward for the , is pubg mobile cross platform pubg mobile is the battle royale experience you know and love but on your mobile phone its a great version of the game managing to capture the core games Description: The Pics of pubg xbox and ps4 cross platform from