Pubg Who Shot Me


i was super salty because pubg crashed when i landed alone restarted jumped back in was in the blue zone and was driving and shortly after getting out of the blue but not yet in the circle with low health i got headshot by a ridiculous shot and altf4d immediately upon seeing the kill cam, who shot me artist yg licensed to youtube by umg on behalf of def jam recordings latinautor sonyatv latinautor umpg umpg publishing ubem ascap cmrra solar music rights management , household sharing included no complicated setup unlimited dvr storage space cancel anytime, general discussion of pubgs rules and ban reasons are allowed detailed writeup useful links how to find people shooting at you selfpubattlegrounds aim may help but it doesnt win you fights when the only thing you see is trees while being shot at thanks for giving me hope in getting there pubg who shot me

The Luckiest Or Most Cunning PUBG Game Winning Skill Shot

pubg christmas is live on pc its a snowy winter check out the official licensed dc comics suicide squad sets available now on pc and xbox one playerunknowns battlegrounds wiki, below youll see a gif of me running stupidly across a field im shot and youll notice my helmet vanish a moment later thats because i was shot in the head i still take a ton of damage but the headshot that would have killed me is prevented by the helmet which gives me a second chance

guide how to know where you get shot from sounds in playerunknowns battlegrounds pubg us using outfix in pubg mobile will get me banned trap lord 4 месяца назад , i have been playing pubg for over a year and can say that it is one of my favorite games ever however the only issue i have is that it is very difficult to know where you are getting shot from, so if youre looking to get started here are some tips and tricks to help you stay alive in pubg mobile the 100man freeforall style of the game is exciting but requires a ton of practice to get really good so if youre looking to get started here are some tips and tricks to help you stay alive in pubg mobile and it gets me killed , as mentioned before it is extremely important to be able to hit your target in pubg your life depends on it one of the best ways to both maximize hit potential and damage is with trigger control trigger control in short means dont hold your finger down on the trigger if you dont have to Description: The Images of pubg who shot me from