Pubg Update Utc Time


with 30 million active users theres a good chance that everyone trying to update at the same time could cause some mischief instead tencent has confirmed that everyone will have pubg mobile update 0105 by the end of january 18 so by 4pm gmt today everyone should have the new pubg mobile update available to download, pubg mobile update 010 is being released very soon and required a lengthy period of downtime before this could be done the good news is that while there will be a gap between the pubg maintenance and the release of the new update servers will remain online during this time pubg mobile 010 update, so by 4pm gmt today everyone should have the new pubg mobile update available to download however this will not mean that pubg mobile season 5 will be available following the update pubg update utc time

PUBG Mobile Update Servers To Go Offline For Several

pubg mobile 010 update pubg mobile servers might be back online but fans still need tencent to release update 010 the good news is that we know what day this will be happening although the exact time the new patch rolls out is still unknown, changed the reset time of the weekly random crate to tuesday 5pm pdt utc 0 improved store ui featured page if multiple pages exist item pages will cycle through every 5 seconds to display all items you may also manually move to the next featured item page by clicking the button at the bottom learn more page

pubg mobile update 0105 is being released today by tencent for android and ios however it wont be reaching everyone at the same time leaving some fans searching for how to update the game on google, this means that pubg battlegrounds 10 will still be launching at around 7am gmt on thursday december 21, we are pleased to inform you that the 0100 vikendi map beta version will start at approximately 0600 utc 2 pm china time tomorrow there will be a server update at approximately 0800 utc4 pm china time today feel free to partake in the beta testing and submit a quick survey to help us gather feedback and improve the game we just received notice from the pubg mobile discord that the pubg mobile beta 0100 is now available Description: The Wallpaper of pubg update utc time from