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after playing this on my ps4 i have to admit being shocked at how good the xbox 360 version looks and plays the gameplay is identical to the ps4 and the graphics while not quite as sharp and clearly at a lower framerate nevertheless look and feel pretty close to the same, detachable hard drives 20 60 120 or 250 gb older models 250 or 320 gb xbox 360 s models memory cards removable original design only 64 mb 256 mb 512 mb price for xbox 360

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new and used xbox 360 controllers cables and other accessories are now on sale, key features xbox 360 e console the xbox 360 console is sleek and quiet with a stylish design that will be the centerpiece of your home entertainment system xbox 360 250gb hard drive the internal 250gb hard drive allows you to save your games and store television shows movies music pictures trailers levels demos and other content available from xbox live marketplace Description: The Pictures of price for xbox 360 from