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welcome to the overwatch wiki orcz overwatch is a 6v6 objective based fps developed by blizzard entertainment this overwatch wiki is a resource maintained and edited by the community, a widow maker is something that has the potential to cause sudden loss of life widow maker widowmaker or widowmaker may refer to, a travel through time somewhere in an overwatch base moira mercy sombra and torbjörn were waiting into a briefing room all of them had been called prior to the, gameplay the exact details of how titan would have played are not known but blizzards jeff kaplan who served on the titan development team and later became the director for overwatch identified that the game was a classbased shooter gameplayers would have selected a character from several classes which granted them initial abilities as they progressed in the game they would gain overwatch wiki widowmaker

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enhanced assassination chelsea akame ga kill is a very seasoned assassin using her gaea foundation to transform herself and then swiftly stabbing her unsuspecting target in a vital spot, オーバーウォッチ overwatch は2016年 5月24日に発売されたアクションシューティングゲーム ブリザードエンターテイメントが開発し日本ではスクウェアエニックスのエクストリームエッジレーベルからplaystation 4で発売された 略称はowでロゴマークもこの

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