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tank heroes soak up damage create space for your team and break apart fortified positions like closelygrouped enemies and narrow chokepoints, the overwatch league abbreviated as owl is a professional esports league for the video game overwatch developed and fully controlled by blizzard entertainmentthe overwatch league aims to follow the model of traditional north american professional sports using a set of permanent citybased teams and regular season play rather than the use of promotion and relegation used commonly in overwatch wiki roles

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the combine is a multidimensional empire which serves as the primary antagonistic force in the 2004 video game halflife 2 and the subsequent episodes developed by valve corporationthe combine consist of alien synthetic and human elements and dominate earth they are encountered throughout halflife 2 and its episodic expansions as hostile nonplayer characters as the player progresses , sirflibble writes too ma y snipers etc i jumped into a quick game last night and could only last two games before playing stick of truth was capture the objectve king of the hill or whatever it is in overwatch and literally 3 players as widomaker and 2 as tracer Description: The Images of overwatch wiki roles from http://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Talon