Overwatch Orisa Release Date Xbox One

overwatch orisa release date for ps4 xbox one and pc blizzard wants to spend more time refining orisa tuesday is usually the day blizzard rolls out big updates so orisa will probably go live next tuesday march 14 or a week later on march 21 well keep you updated march 7 2017 221 pm this story has been updated, overwatch orisa release date ps4 xbox one and pc heres when you can play orisa overwatch s newest character orisa will go live on all platforms on march 21 blizzard announced the news through the official overwatch twitter account and included a short video that shows a bit of orisas development process join us for, overwatch fans will soon be able to download and play as orisa as blizzard adds another new hero update and patch to ps4 xbox one and pc original overwatch fans are about to be treated to a new hero as the countdown to the orisa release date begins on ps4 xbox one and pc blizzard revealed the orisa release date last week telling fans that the new character would launch alongside a new update on march 21 overwatch orisa release date xbox one

Overwatch Orisa Release Date And Time Countdown New

highlights orisa the new overwatch hero has a release date she will be playable from march 21 according to a tweet from the official overwatch account expect an update for overwatch on ps4 xbox one and pc on the day unlike bastion one of the games more popular robot heroes that fills a defensive role, overwatch character orisa is set to go live within 24 hours as the countdown until the newest heros release date on ps4 xbox one and pc draws closer blizzard revealed the characters release date last week telling fans that orisa would be released on march 21 alongside a new update to the game

orisa in development at blizzard blizzard has announced that overwatchs 24th playable hero tankclass android orisa will be introduced to the hit online shooter next tuesday 21 march the news was revealed at the end of a behind the scenes video about development of the character, all overwatch updates get rolled out on tuesday usually around 2 to 4 pm est ana was announced a week before she was playable by everyone while sombra took two weeks to come out of stealth mode if i was to put on my mad scientist hat and crunch a few numbers id say orisa should be coming out somewhere after pax east, overwatch orisa release date xbox one ps4 pc when to expect the new tank hero mic blizzard has confirmed that orisa the robotic centaurlike crossingguard hero would not make her way from the public test realm to the live version of overwatch on march 7 but if past hero releases are anything to go by you probably only have to wait one more week lets discuss Description: The Wallpaper of overwatch orisa release date xbox one from http://www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/gaming/598394/Overwatch-Character-Orisa-Release-Date-Time-Countdown-Update-PTR