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at the beginning of 2018 the overwatch league owl debuted and became the premiere league in overwatch esports aiming to follow the model of traditional professional sports with its use of citybased franchise teams and regular season play instead of relegation and promotiondemotion used frequently in other esports leagues, according to the overwatch league player agreement the professional gamers will be earning a minimum salary of 50000 a year, the overwatch leagues teams are permanent franchises representing major cities across the globe international citybased teams recruit top overwatch players to compete in a fivemonth season followed by championship playoffs with a 1 million bonus for first place learn more overwatch league money

Overwatch League 2018 Matches Teams Schedule Format

overwatch players think new league team skins are overpriced they are wrong money myths debunked forbes 400 blizzards overwatch league team skins are not overpriced, the 2018 overwatch league season was the inaugural season for the overwatch league which began on january 10 2018 regular season play continued through june 16 2018 while postseason play ran from july 1128 2018, just three weeks in the overwatch league has a long way to go if it is to get anywhere close to reaching 700m in revenue but how does blizzard plan to generate overwatch league revenue ticket sales blizzard is currently pricing overwatch league tickets at 20

as the battle lines are drawn in the overwatch league this week there is already trash talking this stems from teams already established in the esports world now facing off against big money sports owners on the east coast, the overwatch league makes money in the following ways all teams have to pay to participate in the league i believe the initial buy in was around 20 million but is now apparently around 60 for teams looking to buy in for future seasons, time to make money from the overwatch league market recon activision blizzard is counting on people wanting to watch others play video games Description: The Images of overwatch league money from http://www.denofgeek.com/us/games/overwatch/268764/overwatch-league-2018-matches-teams-schedule-format-prize-money