Overwatch Junkenstein Comic Leaked And Translated Gamerz

now their upcoming halloween comic junkenstein has been leaked the comic features several members of the overwatch team wearing costumes it was originally leaked in spanish but the minds at reddit went ahead and translated it , full comic news discussion selfoverwatch submitted 2 years ago by 2clyde4you toblorone heres a link to the comic which was originally leaked in portuguese and then translated to english, overwatch 9 junkenstein english translation news discussion rhvtumblrcom theres nothing in the legacy comic ending that could make me say morrison didnt go for ana even if it leaked everyone remember to check out the official one on tuesday let blizzard know we appreciate all the extra content, overwatch news translated leaked junkenstein comic new legendary skins hows it going guys liquid here and welcome back to another video in todays video we have another halloween leak but this overwatch junkenstein comic leaked and translated gamerz

Overwatch Sombra Halloween Event Details Leak

junkenstein travels back to overwatchs heyday catching up with the agents as they enjoy some muchneeded halloween downtime amidst the celebration reinhardt regales the team with the terrifying tale of jamison junkenstein a mad doctor whos controlled by a thirst for revenge, the upcoming overwatch digital comic junkenstein has leaked ahead of schedule bringing with it new legendary skin speculation the comic leaked in portugese and was quickly translated by monaramis

junkenstein and his friends are coming to overwatch blizzard the ninth issue of the overwatch comic was supposed to launch next wednesday according to comixology but the spanish version of the comic got leaked, overwatch halloween skins teaser via comic 9 junkenstein october 08 2016 earlier today the 9 overwatch comic was released whether intentionally or unintentionally on google play books titled junkenstein below are screencaps of a translated version original comic that was released was in spanish translated by monaramis, overwatch junkenstein comic leaked and translated gamerz guardians of the galaxy vol 2 and thor ragnarok details university of manchester courses costs and applications sans super smash bros wiiu skin mods electronic entertainment expo 2018 wikipedia jon favreau disney wiki fandom powered by wikia, classic games americas english us americas español al americas português al Description: The Wallpaper of overwatch junkenstein comic leaked and translated gamerz from http://www.redgamingtech.com/overwatch-sombra-halloween-event-details-leak/