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pharah destroying anubiscontrolled omnics fareeha amari is the daughter of ana amari one of overwatchs founders and a worldclass sniper she was taught by ana how to fight and how to protect her loved ones, ana is one of the heroes in overwatchshe is a former army sniper who has recently come out of hiding and rejoined the battle in order to protect her loved ones anas versatile arsenal allows her to affect heroes all over the battlefield, fareeha amaris commitment to duty runs in her blood she comes from a long line of highly decorated soldiers and burns with the desire to serve with honor as a child fareeha dreamed of following in her mothers footsteps and joining the global peacekeeping force overwatch she enlisted in, ana is a supporting hero in the video game overwatch story ana amari was one of egypts most skilled snipers during the omnic crisis egypt was forced to collect a team of snipers to support their military overwatch fareeha wiki

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introduction edit as one of the older members of overworst ana spends most of her time drinking tea eating prunes and looking after her many grandchildren, オーバーウォッチ overwatch は2016年 5月24日に発売されたアクションシューティングゲーム ブリザードエンターテイメントが開発し日本ではスクウェアエニックスのエクストリームエッジレーベルからplaystation 4で発売された 略称はowでロゴマークもこの

overwatch was founded 30 years before the present day with aims of stopping the omnics and putting an end to the omnic crisis after the crisis the organization evolved into a global peacekeeping force and an engine for innovation making advances in scientific fields ranging from space exploration to medical research, pharmercy is the femslash ship between pharah and mercy from the overwatch fandom angela joined overwatch at a young age and became the head of medical research she discovered new uses for nanobiology and how to use it to heal injuries and illness she developed the valkyrie suit so that she, ana real name ana amari is a character from the video game overwatch one of the founding members of overwatch ana uses her skills and expertise to defend her home and the people she cares for hailing from a long line of decorated soldiers ana inspired confidence and loyalty in her, overwatch pariah is a 2019 computer generated animated mini series directed by christopher nolan set after the events of overwatch 2 the film takes place in an alternate time line where devil dog survived however instead of being hailed a hero a conspiracy to once again destroy overwatch is unearthed this time focusing on devil dogs political and social views Description: The Images of overwatch fareeha wiki from https://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Pharah