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new super mario bros u is a sidescrolling 25d platform game and a launch title for the wii uit is the fourth and latest installment in the new super mario bros series a subseries of the parent super mario platformer series as the sequel to new super mario bros wii the game is a followup game of new super mario bros 2released on november 18 2012 in north america november 30th in , new super mario bros u was a somewhat unappreciated wii u launch title but with its switch remaster nearly out in the wild will the platformer find a new lease on life is it a worthy addition , new super mario bros is a sidescrolling 25d actionadventure platformer game for the nintendo ds starring mario and luigi it is notable for being the first sidescrolling platformer in the mario series in 12½ years with the last sidescroller before it being 1992s super mario land 2 6 golden coins the game features a solo story mode with mario or luigi a twoplayer wireless game , new super mario bros 2 is a sidescrolling platformer video game for nintendo 3ds a sequel to the 2006 nintendo ds release new super mario bros this new game version challenges players to rescue princess peach from the latest kidnapping by bowser and to collect as masses of nintendo gold coins while doing soof all mario titles released to date new super mario bros 2 contains the the new super mario bros u watch us play games

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nintendos strategy in bringing wii u games over to the switch makes a fair amount of sense at the end of everything the wii u had only sold 13 million units over its four year lifespan , run leap and stomp your way through more than 160 2d sidescrolling courses in traditional super mario style with new super mario bros u deluxe for nintendo switch up to four players can work together to grab coins and topple enemies on their way to the goal pole or see who can nab the most gold in frantic friendly and above all fun competition

new super mario bros wii is a 2d sidescrolling platform video game developed and published by nintendo for the wiithe sequel to 2006s new super mario bros it was first released in australia north america and europe in november 2009 followed by japan a month later like other sidescrolling super mario games the player controls mario as he travels eight worlds and fights bowsers , ever since its debut on nintendo ds way back in 2006 the new branch of the super mario bros series has divided fans as nintendo transposed the 3d charactermodels of video games most , of all of the wii u games nintendo has been porting over to the switch new super mario bros u is arguably the biggest with breath of the wild launching so late in the wii us lifecycle i , gamestop buy new super mario bros u deluxe nintendo nintendo switch find release dates customer reviews previews and screenshots Description: The Pics of new super mario bros u watch us play games from