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naruto ナルト is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by masashi kishimotoit tells the story of naruto uzumaki an adolescent ninja who searches for recognition from his peers and the village and also dreams of becoming the hokage the leader of his village the story is in two parts the first set in narutos preteen years and the second in his teens, the episodes for the fourteenth season of the anime series naruto shippuden are based on part ii for masashi kishimotos manga series the season follows naruto uzumaki helping the ninja alliance fight against kabutos army it was directed by hayato date and produced by studio pierrot and tv tokyo the season aired from january to july 2013 on january 2 2009 viz media and crunchyroll , naruto shippūden ultimate ninja storm 2 is the sequel to naruto ultimate ninja stormit was released for the playstation 3 and xbox 360 an enhanced rerelease was bundled in naruto shippūden ultimate ninja storm trilogylegacy for playstation 4 xbox one and microsoft windows the game was once again be rereleased for the nintendo switch in 2018, road to ninja naruto the movie ロードトゥニンジャ ナルトザムービー rōdo tu ninja naruto za mūbī is the ninth overall naruto film and sixth naruto shippūden film which was released on july 28 2012 in japanese theatres the movie grossed 146 billion yen 12 million usd and has been released on dvd and bluray in japan on may 2nd 2013 naruto shippuden who would win in a fight between

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disclaimer i make no claim to owning naruto however if i did own naruto i can guarantee that i would be pronouncing it too the world and shoving the fact that i own naruto in kishimotos face, one of the seven swordsmen of the mist polite but a savage warrior who loves to fightgood friends with itachi owns a sentient sword called samehada sharkskin in the dub and as a rough translation which can absorb chakra from anything it shreds shavespossesses an enormous amount of chakra that is compared to the level of a tailed beast

dumped into narutos body the morning after he learns his signature jutsu and the truth about why the village hates him what am i to do abuse the hell out of shadow clones, when the world of super saiyan and ninjutsu collide who will win the ultimate battle choose your favorite anime hero and fight in dbz vs naruto, when sakura gets her important haircutbecause boy the circumstances and her inner monologues hinatas fight with nejiwhen neji warned her that she could end up dead and asked her why did she keep on fighting against fate and she told him that he was the one who truly fought against his own destiny he was ready to kill her right then and there, badass boast he always boasts before he engages in fight it inevitably became this badass longcoat when naruto returned from learning sage mode to fight pain he was sporting one of these but quickly lost ithe regains one with an elaborate sealdecorated coat of chakra when together with kuramaninetails they finally pulled off their biju transformation Description: The Pics of naruto shippuden who would win in a fight between from