Minecraft Nuke Mod


this mod makes tnt into nukes in 181 use the texture pack that is included in the download for best results use of more than 1 nuke at a time is at your own risk, home home arrowright mods arrowright 1710 hbms nuclear tech mod minecraft mod create account or sign in menu morevert accountbox search planet minecraft search minecraft place a nuke you want the ones with the custom model all other explosives can be ignited with redstone 3 the nuke is infact only one block big, the rival rebels mod adds in tons of amazing weapons into minecraft one of the coolest features is the stealth bomber which causes a jet to drop a nuke that makes a huge explosion minecraft nuke mod

MineCraft Nuke YouTube

the 1 biome mod for minecraft adding a ton of unique biomes to enhance your experience cofh core by teamcofh 30339033 oct 3 2018 contains core functionality for all team cofh mods also does some really cool stuff on its own the twilight forest by benimatic 12868205 jan 12 2019, great addon this is the only one which causes less lag because all the other nuke addon when you set just one it cause a lot of lag can you make a more powerful nuke please this one is good but i really love big explosions please i beg you to make a more powerful nuke because i love big explosions recorces is a mod and does not say

nuke minecraft is a mod that adds 6 new explosives there are many ways you can use them for example mining killing mobs or generally having fun, the nuke tnt mod for minecraft gives you many fun forms of explosion each ones offers a unique punch for their use here are some of the details of what you get with this fun mod for minecraft, too much tnt mod 11221112 for minecraft adds new variations of tnt block so that you can blow up who island in many different styles bumm minecraft mods minecraft 1112 mods be a little stronger than nuke tnt projectile explode after sixteen seconds or fly over the far distance bundled projectile explode after eight seconds Description: The Pictures of minecraft nuke mod from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc_Ys6AoaXU