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marx is a character from the kirby series and is the primary antagonist of the milky way wishes subgame in kirby super star he appears as a boss in super smash bros ultimate, origin dracula is a vampire who commands an army of monsters and is the lord of a haunted castle in transylvania he has a variety of magic at his disposal such as teleportation conjuring projectiles and transforming into different beasts which he frequently does when hes nearly defeated master core smashwiki the super smash bros wiki

Master Core SmashWiki The Super Smash Bros Wiki

supeeeeeer smaaaaaaaaaash brotheeeeeers super smash bros known in japan as dairantō smash brothers is nintendos very own massive multiplayer crossover fighting gameplatformer with a twist remember all those times when as a kid you put all your transformers and gi joe and masters of the, medusa メデューサ medyūsa is the goddess of darkness and reoccurring villainess of the kid icarus seriesprior to her banishment to the underworld by palutena due to her evil deeds against humanity she coruled with the goddess of light

super smash bros ultimate is a game in the super smash bros series for the nintendo switch the game was announced through a teaser trailer in the march 2018 nintendo direct and was released on december 7 2018 the game features 103 base stages and 74 base playable characters making it the largest super smash bros game in terms of content in the series, the subspace army is an evil organization made up of formless beings in the subspace emissary of super smash bros brawl they are the main antagonists led by the mysterious character the ancient minister it is later revealed that the ancient minister was forced to lead the army by ganondorf bowser and wario the trio were the ones truly controlling the army and did so under the orders of Description: The Images of master core smashwiki the super smash bros wiki from