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mario jp is a nintendo video game character and icon who stars in the mario series he is this mascot character for nintendo he and his younger brother luigi are nintendos most renowned characters his games have sold over 262 million units worldwide this and other key factors has led him to become the defining video game character and nintendos mascot, mario マリオ mario formerly and originally under extraofficial terms known as jumpman and originally developed under the nickname mr video is the titular main protagonist of the mario series and the mascot for nintendo he was created by nintendos shigeru miyamoto and has appeared in over 200 gamesoriginally he only appeared in platform games, welcome to the nintendo wiki your gateway to information on everything nintendo from the arcades and the nes to the nintendo 3ds and the nintendo switchthis wikibased system is free and open to the public you can contribute to the nintendo wiki after you register a wikia account, mario party 11 is an upcoming game for the nintendo switch the eleventh home console installment in the mario party series and the first and currently the only installment for the nintendo switch the game is being developed by nd cube in collaboration with shooting star studios unlike mario nintendo fandom powered by wikia

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amy rose エミーローズ emī rōzu also formerly known as rosy the rascal ロージーザラスカル rōjī za rasukaru is a fictional character from the sonic the hedgehog series she is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with a major crush on sonic the hedgehog since meeting sonic on little planet amy has become his, e123 omega e123 オメガ is a fictional robot from the sonic the hedgehog series he is considered a spiritual successor to e102 gamma who is part of the same robotics production line in the series he was created by dr eggman as the last and most powerful eseries robot and seeks revenge on

king bowser koopa 大魔王クッパ daimaō kuppa great demon king koopa in english also lord bowser king koopa commonly in other media is the primary antagonist of the mario series and is the archenemy of mario bowser most commonly kidnaps princess peach he is the leader of the koopa race, jeffy jeffy known simply as jeffy is one of the main characters of the supermariologan franchise he made his debut on january 24 2016 as the main antagonist of mario the babysitter ever since that day jeffy became very popular similar to bowser junior and is the main antihero of the, mr goodman is a recurring character and currently the main antagonist in the supermariologan series he usually cusses or uses crudesexual dialogue mainly using fuck or any form of the word in every sentence, zelda princess of hyrule best known simply as princess zelda ゼルダ姫 zerudahime is the name for several female hylians usually members of the royal family of hyrule who often play an integral role in the series though each is the titular character of the legend of zelda series the actual Description: The Wallpaper of mario nintendo fandom powered by wikia from