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i hope that as you visit the various pages of our site you will be inspired by the work of this great church all around the world as well as find resources that equip you for greater ministry and service, stoics stoic philosophy began with zeno of citium c 300 bc in which the logos was the active reason pervading and animating the universeit was conceived as material and is usually identified with god or naturethe stoics also referred to the seminal logos logos spermatikos or the law of generation in the universe which was the principle of the active reason working in inanimate matter, from its beginnings the church of god of prophecy has based its beliefs on the whole bible rightly divided we accept the bible as gods holy word inspired inerrant and infallible, comprehensive list of links to church of god related groups fellowships local and home churches ministries outreaches and more logos church of god of prophecy

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question what is the spiritual gift of prophecy answer the spiritual gift of prophecy is listed among the gifts of the spirit in 1 corinthians 1210 and romans 126 the greek word translated prophesying or prophecy in both passages properly means to speak forth or declare the divine will to interpret the purposes of god or to make known in any way the truth of god , the covenants play a central role in the relationship between god and man the word covenant is found 25 times in the book of genesis alone and occurs scores of times in the remaining books of the old testament

justin martyr latin iustinus martyr was an early christian apologist and is regarded as the foremost interpreter of the theory of the logos in the 2nd century he was martyred alongside some of his students and is considered a saint by the roman catholic church the anglican church the eastern orthodox church and the oriental orthodox churches , exodus cole says is the centre of the old testament it recounts the supreme old testament example of the saving acts of god narrates the instituting of passover and enshrines the giving of gods law, the living church of god bases its beliefs on the holy bible the inspired word of god our doctrines practices policies and traditions have their roots in the worldwide church of god under the leadership of mr herbert w armstrong who in 1952 ordained roderick c meredith our presiding evangelist as one of that organizations first evangelists, question are there prophets in the church today answer the gift of prophet ephesians 411 seems to have been a temporary gift given by christ for the laying of the foundation of the church prophets were foundational to the church ephesians 220 the prophet proclaimed a message from the lord to the early believers Description: The Pictures of logos church of god of prophecy from https://www.macu.edu/about-macu/religious-affiliations.html