Itachi Uchiha Character Giant Bomb

sasuke uchiha is the secondary main character of the manga series naruto written by masashi kishimoto sasuke is one of the only surviving members of the uchiha clan a powerful clan of ninja living in village konohagakure when sasuke was a young boy his older brother itachi an extremely, naruto and sasuke in the academy sasuke now one of the last surviving uchiha was alone he spent the first few days after the massacre wandering his familys compound reflecting on the people who were now gone killed by itachi, sasuke uchiha うちは サスケ uchiha sasuke is narutos rival he was designed by kishimoto as the cool genius since he felt this was an integral part of an ideal rivalry sasukes older brother itachi uchiha killed the rest of their family because of this sasukes sole desire is to kill his brother and he develops a cold and withdrawn personality seeing people as tools to , this is the article on the character who used the alias tobi for the zetsu named tobi head to tobifor other uses see obito uchiha disambiguation itachi uchiha character giant bomb

Sasuke Uchiha Character Giant Bomb

below the stats is a section that says equipped card showing you the 10 slots every character has for ninja cards tapping on any slot will bring up all the cards you currently own and you can also see which ninja they are attached to if they are they will have that ninjas face in the upperright corner, jiraiya is a character from the manga and anime series naruto he fought master roshi in the 102nd episode of death battle a student under hiruzen sarutobi jiraiya and his fellow apprentices orochimaru and tsunade made a name for themselves as the legendary three sannin during the second

deidara is one of the main villains of the animemanga series naruto he is one of the main members of the evil organisation the akatsuki deidara was once a shinobi for iwagakure the village hidden in the stones under the tutelage of the village leader onoki due to possessing the rare, 2 sasuke uchiha vs itachi uchiha the fight was emotional but epic as well it revealed lots of questions that have been asked it was inspiring and touching and i was sad about itachis death though, deidara before joining akatsuki deidaras exploits eventually caught the attention of the akatsuki and itachi uchiha kisame hoshigaki and sasori were sent to recruit him after orochimaru left their organisation, madara uchiha うちはマダラ uchiha madara was a legendary shinobi and once the famed leader of the uchiha clan he had helped in the founding of konohagakure and was given as the cofounder alongside his rival and best friendhashirama senju with the two personal intention of beginning an era of Description: The Pics of itachi uchiha character giant bomb from