Is Final Fantasy 13 Open World

yep xiii is linear calling xiii2 open world is a bit too much for my taste its not that everything is connected and you can go eveywhere the areas or worlds here are just bigger and give more room to explore, this entry into the final fantasy universe is set in the worlds of pulse and cocoon players take control of multiple characters who are caught in a war between these worlds, re open world the game is actually pretty open when compared to xiii first off there is a decent number of maps that are much bigger and more open then areas from the previous game is final fantasy 13 open world

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everything that made final fantasy what gamers loved was pretty much destroyed in ffx new gamers wont realize this but play the old games they are far superior ffx wasnt even a bad game but it wasnt what a final fantasy game was known for

the entire game structure for final fantasy 15 consists of both openworld and linear parts the first half keeps going as an openworld but the story in the second halfs is led by a linear path, the open world is tiny compare to skyrim there 2 open landscape areas one dungeon and two cities if you have played previous ff13 games the open areas are roughly the size of archylte steppe, final fantasy xiii open world game user info bentayllor20 bentayllor20 9 years ago 1 i am looking for an open world role playing game is this what ive been looking for user info sirspankyjnco sirspankyjnco 9 years ago 2 sure isnt ive had both an xbox 360 and ps3 break there are no superior consoles except n64 that was pretty sweet Description: The Images of is final fantasy 13 open world from