Imperial Intelligence Headquarters Dromund Kaas

character name is cipher nine or legate is an imperial intelligence double agent for the sis and a member of the chiss ascendancy he eventually became the commander of sith intelligence answerable directly to the dark council, the dark council was a twelve later thirteenmember council that served as the ruling body of the true sith empire throughout much of the governments history each member of the council held the title of dark lord of the sith and controlled one of the twelve spheres of influence within the, things to know before starting the quest ie how to prepare you will need an alt of the opposite faction it doesnt have to be high level level 15 is ok, you will need the slot decoder you find here for the last datacron both these datacrons also require you to head into a level 30 area imperial intelligence headquarters dromund kaas

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satele shan was a human female who served as the jedi ordersgrand master during the cold war and the galactic war between thegalactic republic and the sith empirethe daughter of jedi knight tasiele shan who was herself a descendant of the legendary jedi knights revan and bastila shan satele was born on the planet brentaal iv in the year 3699 bby, the generations of rogue sith that call themselves the reborn dread masters were practitioners of the dark side of the forcefollowing the defeat of the first dread masters on the corrupt moon of oricon the remnant dread guard were gathered under an individual known as the sith walord a female sorceress who had been touched by the masters and was deeply affected by them

personality traits as a former imperial slave imperious was known to possess a profound hatred for xenophobic sith and imperials he was extremely proud of his sith blood and later his secret sith despite his lowbirth and role, the sith emperor speaks to his people upon arriving on dromund kaas blaming the destruction of nathema on the jedi the selfdeclared emperor drove the people of the empire further into a panic while simultaneously offering them hope traveling to korriban he promised to lead his people to salvation and safety from the jedi and he soon led a great exodus from the sith worlds into the , a year later in 3665 bby shan was assigned to a republic navy contingent tasked with protecting a fleet of prototype warships that were being gathered for an attack on the imperial capital of dromund kaas, the complete star wars encyclopedia is a 2008 reference book written by steve sansweet and pablo hidalgo bob vitas daniel wallace chris cassidy mary franklin and josh kushins are also contributors for the compendium it is the second edition of the star wars encyclopedia the definitive Description: The Wallpaper of imperial intelligence headquarters dromund kaas from