How To Plug Xbox 360 Into Tv


connect xbox 360 using xbox 360 composite av cable plug the av connectors into the corresponding colorcoded ports on the scart adapter plug the av cable and the scart adapter into an available scart connection port turn on the tv or console, try plugging in the basic white red yellow into the back of your tv and remember what slot your plugging it into usually says right beside the pins put the tv to whatever you just plugged your colours into vid 1vid 2comp 1 comp 2 etc and make sure the same cord with the pins that you plug into the side of your xbox 360 is set to tv only , vga hd av plug the larger end into the xbox and the other end the vga for video and the redwhite cables for audio into the tv match up the red and white cables with the red and white ports on the tv hdmi connect both ends to the usblooking ports on the xbox and the tv both audio and video are carried on the same cable how to plug xbox 360 into tv

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xbox 360 console 2 lcd or crt computer monitor lcd or crt computer monitor just for a quick fyi mine is a 20 inch dell wfp 3stereo female rca to male 35mm cable which is needed to get the sound from your computer speakers 4xbox 360 vga hd av cable if your monitor does not have a component port

answers when both of the plugs are in the back of the xbox you can turn the xbox on and the power light should turn green hit the input sometimes av button on your remote and it should cycle through inputs and if you hit it the right number of times you should be able to see your xbox on the tv, insert the composite av cables into the tv making sure the red yellow and white connectors match the color of the input youre inserting them into plug the other end of the cable into the av input in the back of your xbox 360 console power on your tv and xbox 360 set the tv input so it is in av or audiovideo display mode, connect xbox 360 e using xbox 360 composite av cable connect the small 35mm connector to the appropriate port on the console locate the av ports on your tv or monitor note monaural mono tvs have only one audio port connect either the red or white connector to the tv turn on the tv and console Description: The Images of how to plug xbox 360 into tv from