How To Hook Up Xbox 360 To Old Tv

connect xbox 360 using xbox 360 vga hd av cable connect the av connector on the vga cable to the av port on the console connect the vga connector on the vga cable to the vga port on your hdtv or monitor connect the left and right white and red audio connectors on the vga cable to the audio , steps 1 prepare a workspace before bringing the xbox in prepare a hard flat surface near your tv 2 connect the display output cables if you have an hdtv plug the hdmi cable in 3 connect the power cord plug one end of the cord into the xbox 4 plug the power brick into an outlet , i have a old tv with no red white and yellow jacks i have a cord for my regular xbox and it hooks up to my xbox and goes to my tv and my cable box i try to find the cord for the xbox but i can how to hook up xbox 360 to old tv

How To Hook Up Tv Receiver Sound Bar Playstation Xbox

best answer choose to put the yellow red and white connectors into either set of correspondingly colored inputs then on the tv remote there should be a input or source button with the xbox on push that button until you see the picture usually it will say input it should be that easy, connect xbox 360 e using xbox 360 composite av cable connect the small 35mm connector to the appropriate port on the console locate the av ports on your tv or monitor note monaural mono tvs have only one audio port connect either the red or white connector to the tv turn on the tv and console

the same situation you can get a rf cable for your xbox or you can get a rf convertor which lets you plug in a composite video cable set and converts it to rfcoax for older tvs, hdmi connect both ends to the usblooking ports on the xbox and the tv both audio and video are carried on the same cable both audio and video are carried on the same cable composite av attach the bigger end to the xbox and the other three cables to the matching colored ports on the tv, if your old tv has standard audio video input 3 connector red white yellow you can connect xbox 360 to it if it is a very old tv with just an rf coaxial cable input then you need to buy an rf modulator to connect this system or any other dvd player to the tv neeraj sharma 5 people found this useful Description: The Images of how to hook up xbox 360 to old tv from